Vote for My Personal Blog for Best GLBT Blog of 2005

I don’t always cross between my personal and professional blog but last time I crossed from personal to pro I ended up Marketing Blog of the Year. This time we’re crossing the other way: my personal blog, Andymatic, has been nominated as one of the Best Gay Blogs of 2005. Please vote for me when you can – vote for Andymatic nominated in the third category. You can also write me in for any other category though ‘international’ and ‘adult’ probably aren’t going to be appropriate.






2 responses to “Vote for My Personal Blog for Best GLBT Blog of 2005”

  1. Lyle Lachmuth Avatar

    Hey Andy!
    Cograts on the nomination.. Hot stuff!

  2. Paula Gregorowicz Avatar

    Hey Andy,
    Congrats!!! And thanks for your inspiration….I am gearing up to launch my blog for lesbian business owners & professionals in January!

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