Verizon Blocks non-U.S. Email

Wow – this is really stupid:

Verizon Communications… has been blocking e-mail originating from Great Britain and other parts of Europe for weeks, and customers are upset about having their communications disrupted without notice. Verizon customers who are waiting for an e-mail response from Europe should use alternative forms of communication. “If it’s really important you might want to make a phone call,” he said.

Or dump their asses.
And remember folks: Embargo spelled backwards is O Grab Me!






2 responses to “Verizon Blocks non-U.S. Email”

  1. Online Business Journal Avatar

    Verizon Blocks non-U.S. Email

    This is a practice that I have been aware of and have been fuming about for the last few years. Maybe not Verzion in particular, but I have spoken to techs at my Spanish ISP and we were in agreement that our mail was getting blocked purely on geograp…

  2. Ted Johndrow Avatar
    Ted Johndrow

    Who do I contact to solve the problem. We have not been able to send and/or receive mail from for about two weeks. We have a T-1 line with AT&T. I have spent hours on Hold and when I do finally talk to a real person, it’s the wrong person and any directions to date have not been helpful.

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