Using Windows Is Like Bad Sex

Mark Mumford for at the San Francisco Gate writes how using Windows is like a really really bad hookup:

It is, of course, the same old story, the same old come-on, Win once again acting all smooth and charming but completely unable to avoid that world-famous sheen of BS propaganda, coupled with a smell that’s a disquieting cross between wet plastic and old cardboard and roughly 10 billion collected hours of lost productivity.

Compared to transcendence with a Mac:

Inhibitions vanish. Life opens. Your hips widen, your fingers roam, your imagination dances. This Mac, you know, will do anything you want, sacred to profane, Madonna to whore, with finesse and stability and zero fear of sudden viral invasion. They have mad skills down in the hot zone. Multilingual. Ambisexual. Sweet and pure on the outside and yet kinky as hell as soon as you say the word.

And to think I find CTRL-A, CTRL-C, ALT-TAB, CTRL-V exciting.






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  1. Blog Bloke Avatar

    Apples are for the technologically challenged who thrive on immediate gratification. Good things come to those who wait.
    I went from Apple to Win only because of the huge software depository out there… and I’ve cursed Bill Gates every day thereafter.
    Cheers Andy!

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