Using Markdown with TypePad to Blog Faster and Easier

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Markdown is a fairly new markup language (a language that combines text and extra information) that is designed to be easy for a human to read and enter with a simple text editor. If you were using HTML tags and wanted to create formatted text, you would use:

<em>This is some italicized text</em>

<strong>This is bold text</strong>

<strong><em>This is some bold and italicized text</em></strong>

With Markdown, you’d use:

*This is some italicized text*

**This is bold text**

***This is some bold and italicized text***

Markdown plugins are popular for Movable Type and WordPress so it is fun to see this ported to TypePad.

I believe that Markdown was inspired by wiki-style formatting and ease of use for normal non-tech ‘real’ people.

Here’s a full profile of Markdown.

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