USA Is the No-Vacation Nation

Europe heads to beach, America heads to work:

The United States is the only country where employees have no statutory leave, and they get about half as much time off in reality as Europeans get, according to the report, compiled by the Washington-based Centre for Economic Policy Research. “The United States is in a class of its own,” the report says. “It is the no-vacation nation.”

No no you guys, it is FREE AGENCY right? No job protections and failed unions is globalization’s gift right? I’m gonna go pack my hookah with some Thomas Friedman.






5 responses to “USA Is the No-Vacation Nation”

  1. Leo Avatar

    I’m confused: are you saying that:
    a) the US’s entrepreneurial spirit (a nation of small business owners) and abundant opportunities creates an environment in which labor/owner is happy to work (and whose efforts have created a sort of hyper-competitivness) vs. the poor EU commoner who has few opportunities …
    b)capitalistic imperialism has squashed the rights of the workin’ man
    The Friedman I find more interesting is Milton…

  2. The ADD Business Owner Avatar

    Do You Work More Than You Have To?…

    Andy Wibbels linked to a Reuters article yesterday about Americans working much more than our European counterparts. And I would venture to guess that business owners are among the Americans that work the most. I’m hearing more and more about…

  3. Jeff Brunson Avatar

    There’s work ethic and there’s work mentality. Many Boomers, and older, are saying that our younger generations do not have a good work ethic. I say they simply have a different work mentality – the one we wish we had the guts to stand up for when we were that age.
    Consequently, our work ‘ethic’ has created the mire that we all desire to get out of. The 21st Century has us ‘busy’ – but not focused.
    I don’t know for sure about everyone else, but I know I’m better after some good ‘free’ time. And knowing this, you would think I would give myself more of it. I’m a Boomer – and I’m working on it!

  4. Diane Da vis Avatar
    Diane Da vis

    America was created and built by Europeans who wanted to get away from European traditions, not preserve them. They recognized that certain traditions kept most people living in abject poverty generation after generation.

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