Upgrade Your Bliss (Congratulations Maryam!!!)


Newsletters subbies already know but here’s the deal:

Remember Maryam Webster? She was my co-star for The Secret 30 Day Challenge? She also joined us for that ‘Conquer Writer’s Block’ call.

Maryam’s an expert on the full palette of energy and healing practices and is always my go-to when I need the low-down on the latest techniques to bubble up from the spiritual and new age underground. She’s traveled through every spiritual tradition I can think of and is an expert at cooking things down to their easiest graspable essence. On a personal level, she’s one of my own fellow travelers as we’ve built our businesses in parallel together (and a long-time blogger to boot!). Plus, she’s just a freakin’ gem.

Anyway, something wonderful is about to happen and I wanted to make sure you got in on it as soon as possible:

Maryam’s first book is about to debut!

"Everyday Bliss For Busy Women" is hitting bookstores the first of next month from New Harbinger Publishers. She’s distilled the energy coaching program she uses with her executive women clients into a tidy huggable book.

It gets better: When you buy the book at Amazon.com on May 1st- Yes. It is an Amazon campaign and I’m sure you’ve seen several of them lately. But this isn’t another ‘a system on how to make your own system to sell’ tripe. This is real actionable stuff.

So, when you buy the book at Amazon.com on May 1st, Maryam is offering a ton of bonuses PLUS a $50 off coupon to the wildly successful "12 Keys To Bliss" program based on the Everyday Bliss Process in the book. You get the content in multiple formats at multiple levels to address the way you learn best.

PLUS a major global webcast event – a telesummit of world class experts in energy therapy, health and wellness and life coaching that will be simulcast on the web.

But these goodies are available ONLY if you buy the book at Amazon.com ON MAY 1st using the link below:


Then come back to http://everydaybliss.org with your receipt and follow the directions on the homepage to get your F.R.E.E ticket to:

The Energy Of Bliss Telesummit

May 5 – 7 – 12:00pm – 3pm Pacific Time, daily

(Can’t attend then? No worries, free audio replays!)

Featured will be stellar personal transformation experts and technique Creators from this year’s conference presenters of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) and the Institute for the Advanced Study of Health (IASH) and The International Coach Federation (ICF).

Check it all out here: http://everydaybliss.org






2 responses to “Upgrade Your Bliss (Congratulations Maryam!!!)”

  1. Tara Kachaturoff Avatar

    I bought Maryam’s book last week and it arrived today. I’ve scanned through the book in between client calls today and I can’t wait to read it this weekend. Having known Maryam for several years, I’m so happy to see the successful debut of her first book. I hope many more will follow.
    Congratulations Maryam!

  2. Maryam Webster Avatar

    Golly, thanks Andy, this brings a happy smile to my face. You’re too kind!!

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