Updating Blog Posts

Dave found himself caught up in the JonBenet frenzy when one of his old, out of date posts was picked up in the media:

And this, of course, leads to the realization that suddenly blogging can prove to be a real burden. Imagine you’re a political blogger and you keep writing article after article about the latest slander against a candidate, just to find out that it’s not true and never was true. Do you then have an obligation to include a correction of some sort in all of those articles?

Another point to make is the appearance a web page doesn’t indicate its age. If I am reading 40 year old newspapers, I can tell because they are on microfiche or are dusty and yellowed. With web pages, there’s no visible aging – except for the post date timestamp which people never read anyway.
Yeah – got help me when I make my bid for the White House and they find my party days chronicled on my blog.






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