TypePad Down. Again.

I’ve had clients emailing me all yesterday and last night about TypePad’s recent slowing and eventual outages. And I’m sure they would say there haven’t been any outages because the boxes haven’t actually gone down – but when a server times out on the customer’s side it might as well be. I sympathize with server problems, having worked for an elearning company before. But come on, folks. It isn’t like your growth is ‘sudden’ or a big surprise. Just bite the bullet and buy twice the servers you need so you don’t have this happen for at least another year.
This is the one consistent complaint clients have when I’m training them on TypePad: response time. Everything else, pasting from Word, weirdness in Mac browsers… the rest is secondary.
Don’t forget you can always check TypePad status at http://status.typepad.com/
I’m curious to see how WordPress.com is going to tackle this problem.
Update: Comment from Ginerva at Six Apart (below) and Debbie posts about the outage.
Tris’s post about the outage.






3 responses to “TypePad Down. Again.”

  1. *ginevra Avatar

    Hi Andy – first off, thanks for publicizing the status weblog. I understand how frustrating it is for the servers to be slow. Hang in there, yall, I think we’ve almost got this ironed out.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Tara Kachaturoff Avatar

    As a TypePad user, it has been a bit frustrating lately dealing with all of the downtime at TypePad. However, I will say that their email help support has been very gracious on all occasions, which makes up for much of the inconvenience – very kind and considerate. It’s amazing how good customer service can really help you deal with the tough times. I have now “bookmarked” the TypePad status site to make the checking up on things a lot easier. I’m looking forward to the changes at TypePad and am hopeful to see some positive changes in terms of product response time, etc.

  3. Guy Kewney Avatar

    I’d do a trackback to this in my story today about how Technorati broke their tag generator – but TypePad is currently so slow it might as well be down…
    They call it ‘degraded’ which is one way to phrase it. I understand these things happen; on the other hand, wouldn’t it be nice if they happened less often?

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