Trent Reznor’s Pink Spoon

We last talked about industrial music visionary Trent Reznor with the release of his album Year Zero which featured an alternative reality game (part 1 and part 2). Trent is back.

Trent has released Nine Inch Nails’s latest album online for free download – all you have to do is submit your email address and you’re emailed a download link to grab the album in a choice of audio formats. For free.

As said on MeFi, this is about generating leads for the tour:

Acts with staying power (Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, etc) long ago realized that the real money is in the tour, and in owning as much of the tour as possible. The "album" is a promo for the tour, like a leaflet or something.

He is using a free download as a tease to build his email list. Like a little pink spoon of deliciously nihilist ice cream.

As that creepy red-head girl in Dune screams: THE SPICE IS LIFE! M’UA DIB!

Except swap out spice and make it email list.






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  1. Tony Edwad Avatar
    Tony Edwad

    I didn’t know about this. Thank you. I got to seen them in Chicago for the Pretty Hate Machine tour at the Metro ages ago. Thank you.

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