Think Big Revolution

On Monday @ Noon, I’ll be co-starring on Michael Port’s Think Big Revolution weekly call. Think Big was one of my first big calls over a year ago and it’s great to come back and present a fresh new crop of ideas and strategies for using blogs to explode your business and profile online. I’ll be giving away copies of the book + instant access to some of my courses to a few lucky listeners – but you have to be dialed in to qualify. Michael’s gearing up for his own book launch with Book Yourself Solid (as well as the mind-expanding Power of Collaboration conference in NYC this May). Dial in details: Monday April 3rd @ Noon EST 1-641-297-5900 Access Code: 86656.






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  1. Marianne St. Clair Avatar

    I was on those first Think Big Revolutions calls with you and also in Michael Port’s Product Factory couse with you when you developed Easy Bake Weblogs. I am so thrilled with how far you have come and I salute you for you dedication to make us all understand blogging and how to use it to increase or success. Thanks alot Andy.

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