The Top Five Things You Should Be Working On

Habitry co-founder Vanessa Naylon helps you preempt all your pre-New Years habit shaming:

“When you know you need to make a change, the number of choices and “should”s in the world can overwhelm you. It can feel difficult to know what exactly to try next. Let’s talk about the top five things you should be working on. But…

“There’s no list here, because you haven’t written it yet.

“Below you won’t find twenty things to do when you wake up or the habits of successful CEOs. (Why is “meditate” always on these lists? People love telling each other to meditate.) There’s no universal list for making you your best you. In the next three minutes, you’re going to create that list for yourself.

“First, don’t trip on other people’s habits.

“Other people’s ideas are cool for getting started, but you’ll waste energy and money if you choose habits that aren’t right for you. …

“Start with something you won’t discard in hard times: start with what matters to you.”

Read the full post on Habitry’s blog: The Only Habits That Matter





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