The Secret Sequel and Science of Getting Rich Program Announced with Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield

From the grapeinve, a link to the mastermind Science of Getting Rich package:

In fact, a sequel to movie – The Secret: The Next Step will begin filming in Jan 2007 with a release in August/September 2007.

The course includes 10 CDs, an MP3 with 15 hours of audio, plus a ‘generous two-tier affiliate program’.

This is a ONE-CLICK Affiliate Program powered by the latest web technology, designed to make it EASY for you.






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  1. Len Avatar

    This is SPAM! The link, above, to "the mastermind Science of Getting Rich package" uses the address, "". That address is to an affiliate (who gets $500 each time someone signs up—in some cases $1,000). The correct link should be to, The correct label for this link should be, "New Science of Getting Rich Seminar by Bob Proctor".

  2. will Avatar

    i haven’t heard of any release of the sequal. the first dvd wasn’t really helpful to me so i can’t see why the next one would be either. i read the book, audio and dvd which is basically a psych out capitalist peice of well written propoganda. eg. payouts to the actors and speakers.. bob proctor loves the secret, i would to.. haha.

  3. Steven Parks Avatar
    Steven Parks

    The sequel to Secret is about to released in March. It features many of the cast returning, Jack Canfield, Marci shimoff, Bob doyle, John demartini, Joe Vitale, Lisa Nichols, morris Goodman and others. It also features a lot of new faces that weren’t in the last one Mark Victor Hansen, Douglas Vermeeren, Bill Bartmann and others. The website is I have been following this story for quite sometime. several members of the same team from the Secret is involved. But this film is destined to be larger in scope and more grand in presentation and will answer many of the serious questions that critics have asked about the Law of attraction and how this all fits with work and action. This film is definitely a must see. One another note I just bought the pre-release CD with an interview with Jack Canfield and success Expert Douglas Vermeeren. The CD also features music from The Opus. it is wonderful. And if it is any indication of what the film will be like it will be a powerful tool for personal development to come around in a long time.

  4. Tamara Avatar

    I am excited about the Opus the upcoming sequel to the Secret. I think the Opus is going to be a great film. I hvae been following alot of the info on this film and it looks great. Does anyone know the exact release date of the film?

  5. Tamara Avatar

    I just got a really interesting -email from the producers of the Opus. I thought this would be interesting knowledge for everybody because it confirms one of the cast members being cut. and now we all have to wonder what did poor jennifer alexander do that got her booted out of the film. This e-mail came directly from the producer Douglas Vermeeren.
    To all my friends involved in The Opus,
    Recently we made some changes to the cast list which included dropping Jennifer Alexander from our cast list. The decision was made mutually because of artistic differences in my film. As a result The Opus cruise was cancelled. And ties with Cliff and Jennifer were severed. Since then I have taken notice that Jennifer and Cliff have undertaken a campaign to contact my investors, associates, friends and family members to undertake a slander campaign. This is not acceptable. I am currently taking legal action to remedy this. If left unchecked this action could hurt all of us and our interest in the film.
    I can understand why the alexanders would be upset. This is a significant project that will have countless benefits for the participants. But this gives them no right to begin such activities as this. Please record all challenging interactions with them and forward them to us as we have been requested by our legal team to keep documentation. And thank you to all of you who have sent me these already. It is my most definite intention that if such efforts continue we will be seeking damages at their hands.
    But just so everyone has a clear understanding – all aspects of the film are moving forward as originally planned. Our relase date is still confirmed for March 19 in Los Angeles. And all projected returns stand as originally predicted. We have all support from each of the speakers and growing support from local and national media. I am very excited about the great things that are heading our way. It is going to be a great movie and a fantastic year.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions,
    Douglas Vermeeren

  6. Jacob L. Avatar
    Jacob L.

    The Opus is by far the best presonal development movie ever. For the first time we have a film that delivers instead of just playing around with abstract ideas and non sense concepts. The Opus is practical, informative, entertaining, powerful and effective. I am definitely a fan and await with eagerness to watch what Mr. Vermeeren will be doing next. He has defintiely raised the bar on what is expected in films of this kind.

  7. simple simon Avatar

    Another movie that is relevant is Life in Perpetual Beta. It is a debate that arrives at some sort of ‘how to’ formula for creating a business based on purpose and passion in the web 2.0 era. Premieres at SXSW in 2009. the url is seems a little eccentric, but there’s some respected tech nerd names listed on the site.

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