The Secret Movie Featured on ‘Oprah’

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If you’re looking for my rant about The Secret movie and the dozens of comments from other readers, go here to read about The Secret movie.

I think I have a crush on James Ray.

Thank God: James Ray says that you can’t just visualize things YOU HAVE TO ACT ON IT. Thank you!

Uh oh now they are talking about quantum physics again.

‘No such thing as a coincidence.’






4 responses to “The Secret Movie Featured on ‘Oprah’”

  1. Martha Garvey Avatar

    Dude, get in line. I think I have a crush on James Ray, too!

  2. lornadoone Avatar

    I was interested in being involved in the 30-Day challenge, but I don’t seem to know how to get the worksheet and other information. I did receive a confirmation email, but I think perhaps I was supposed to receive another one with the worksheet. Could you let me know at lornadoone at comcast dot net. I’m getting all ready to start tomorrow.

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