The Perils of Problogging

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The Perils of Problogging:

The popularity of blogs, coupled with its potential to draw convert visitor traffic into profit, has also led to the make-money-online bubble. This is becoming a turn-off for those who believe blogs are better defined as online personas rather than money mills. Art for art’s sake versus all about the benjamins. Idealism versus practicality.


Sometimes I lose interest in blogging because when I started doing it years ago, it’s just a hobby, not a “professionâ€?. It’s fun. It’s therapeutic. The initial reason why (almost) everyone blogs is that it’s their outlet. Now almost everyone’s just doing it because of the money they can get.

[A]s anyone even noticed that some (if not most, really) of the most-read blogs are those about online money-making? That when it comes to a blog entry that has “moneyâ€? in the title, everyone’s sure to read it? I should probably mention the fact that in the Philippines, money’s hard to come by. Earning a cent can be a royal pain in the ass. Too bad that the ones who really need that one lousy cent can’t even blog because they don’t have the proper resources. Y’know, the people who even have to scour the garbage for something to eat. The people who can’t afford to go to school.

Unfortunately, the only time people seem to really listen to you is when you tell them how to either get laid or make money. Or find Jesus.






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  1. ia Avatar

    Good point, Andy. 🙂 Maybe that’s why I feel ranting is useless. Haha.

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