Ten Things Radical about the Weblog Form in Journalism

HyperGene MediaBlog explores Ten Things Radical about the Weblog Form in Journalism:

  1. The weblog comes out of the gift economy, whereas most (not all)
    of today’s journalism comes out of the market economy.
  2. Journalism had become the domain of professionals, and amateurs were sometimes
    welcomed into it– as with the op ed page. Whereas the weblog is the domain
    of amateurs and professionals are the ones being welcomed to it.
  3. In journalism since the mid-ninetheenth century, barriers to entry have
    been high. With the weblog, barriers to entry are low: a computer,
    a Net connection, and a software program like Blogger or Movable Type gets
    you there. Most of the capital costs required for the weblog to “work”
    have been sunk into the Internet itself, the largest machine in the world
    (with the possible exception of the international phone system.)
  4. In the weblog world every reader is actually a writer, and you write
    not so much for "the reader" but for other writers. So every reader
    is a writer, yes, but every writer is also a reader of other weblog writers—or
    better be

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