Technologies to Watch in 2007

1. RFIDs. Every item you purchase will be tracked. Oh yes it will.
2. Web Services. Everybody opens up their databases for mashing together everything else.
3. Server Virtualization. One machine runs multiple ‘virtual’ operating systems (mainframe 2.0?).
4. Advanced Graphics Processing. Better games, cooler interfaces.
5. Mobile Security. You aren’t logging into your bank on the cafe wi-fi, are you?
Full article in InfoWeek.






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  1. Michael (( QUESTION of the DAY )) Avatar

    Hi Andy !
    Great looking site you have here, found it by the way of ProBlogger : )
    I hope that we will see better mobile security in 2007 – it’s very scary out there as of now.
    Looking forward to reading more of this site, take care !
    Michael ((QOTD))

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