Take Action Now: Involve Your Readers

Hmm. Take action. That sounds like one more thing to do. Just what you don’t want – another thing to be added to your ever-growing “to do” list. But, this isn’t what you think.

Vinny Goldsmith, writing on SEOMOZ, penned a great article entitled, Give Your Readers Something To Do. It’s about writing content that gets your readers involved – gets them to take action. I agree with his thoughts. I love articles that are more than just news. I like to understand how the article relates to what I’m doing – and more importantly – how I can use what’s in the article to change something in my personal or professional life.

The other day, I made a post about Skellie’s article on 31 Days to Becoming a Better Blogger. I loved this article – as I’m sure thousands of others did as well. Why? Because it gave us actionable items. It added the urgency of time. It laid out steps. It gave us structure. For me, I work most effectively when I have such a structure – and if there isn’t one, I create one. Not only is this a great example of how to create content where you can get your readers involved, but also it’s a great template for you to use as you share your knowledge of your niche with your own readers.

Okay – time to implement. Your challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to write an actionable post for your blog this week. Next step – come back and share the results with us.







2 responses to “Take Action Now: Involve Your Readers”

  1. hssiegel Avatar

    I certainly agree that I personally get the most out of actionable blogs and articles I read. It translate a concept or idea into something concrete.
    As of late, there is one blog giving a lot of actionable advice that I have started reading on a regular basis.
    It is James Brausch’s blog. He is pretty straight forward and he tells you exactly what he thinks you shoud do to achieve success.
    His biggest actionable advice, I’m not sure I agree with completely but I can see his point. He says that we should just throw our TVs out. That’s pretty actionable.

  2. Jen forM.Millionaire Avatar

    Audience involvement is always a great idea. The kind of example you shared allows readers and lurkers to try and incorporate suggestions in their own lives. Instead of just being a passive reader, there is an effect sparked by the article. Whether this effect is for the better or worse depends on the blog. Although I’m pretty sure most of them are for the better.

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