Some Holds Barred

I was wrong. About a week or so ago I decided to experiment in blending my profesional ( and personal blogs ( I thought that combining my passions would make my coverage of marketing, technology, politics and my personal life all co-amplify. It didn’t. I got watered down. My political blogging was toned to be more polite and my business blogging got less relevant.
I’m resplitting.
So you’ll continue to read coverage of marketing and business and other honey-sweet bloggy goodness and on you’ll find the usual corrosive wit and snarktastic goodness that make me me.
Thank you for helping me experiment.
Back to our regularly scheduled bloggramming.






One response to “Some Holds Barred”

  1. Lyle Lachmuth - The Unsticking Coach Avatar

    It’s not easy being Bi… Polar!!
    But, I LUVS you just the way you IS!!
    Professional blogger… or snarky bastard — you are always a worthwhile read!!!
    Cheers, Lyle

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