Small Business Book Review

Some of my coaching cronies have cooked up a great new group blog:
This is a great chance to talk with other biz book junkies – and our first text is The E Myth: Revisted.

3 thoughts on “Small Business Book Review

  1. PegE

    Hi Andy….fyi, it looks like the hyperlink to the website is missing or faulty. It doesn’t work when I click on it, and the bottom of my browser screen just displays “http:///” when I place the cursor on the URL in the blog.
    Your Easy Bake Weblogs tutorials and the new Infomaniac pilot are great. You have a talent for communicating complex (technogeeky 🙂 information clearly and simply….which is priceless. Thanks! I look forward to learning even more.
    Nashville, TN (forgot to say where I am on the Infomaniac call earlier tonight)


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