Slashdot Geeks Skeptical Aobut MySpace Traffic Claims

With the recent revelation that MySpace is out to eat the world, some geekity geeks offer some well-thought skepticism:

Unless research firms of all stripes disclose the data they use to conduct their analyses (along with their methodologies and tools) taking the ‘facts’ of these reports — or the subsequent retorts — at face value is not a big improvement over studying steaming sheep entrails under giddy, sputtering torchlight.

People are presented with a tool for publishing absolutely anything, about any topic they choose. Instead of presenting thoughtful, creative or otherwise valuable content, the vast majority elect to pointlessly ramble about themselves in minute detail or engage in endless back and forth with other users about nothing in particular. Which is fine, but it shouldn’t have the legitimacy of other web content.

MySpace is beginning to become what people (under 30) mean when people ask if you are ‘on the Internet.’ This is similar to when people ask if you have a phone, [and] they mean a cell phone.

I myself think that MySpace is founded on the universal internet principle of Boobies. Like FARK, if it weren’t for nubile teens posting pictures of themselves and ogling eachother – this never would have taken off. Social networking sites are powered by sex appeal (who can resist all the beautiful Brazilians in Orkut, after all?). So there you have my content strategy for the day: Boobies.






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