Six Figure Blogging for Fall 2006

New logoHey slackers!
Darren and I are pleased as punch to accounce a new class of Six Figure Blogging!
We surveyed all the members of the course and asked them what was missing from the course. We then recorded a new class + added in lots of new updates to the world of blogging for dollars.
New streams of blogging income including text link ads and innovations from Amazon, Chitika and Google. We also tackle questions such as:
With all the blog networks – is there still hope for six figure blogging?
How long should you test a blog before you expect income and search hits?
The 10 Reasons Why Blogs Don’t Make Much Money (these may surprise you)
If you are already a member of Six Figure Blogging go login immediately to hear this fresh new content.
If you are ready to stop whining about your go-nowhere blog and ready to take action go to:
and get started today.
Thank you everybody for your continued support!
And check the SECK-SEE new logo!






5 responses to “Six Figure Blogging for Fall 2006”

  1. Elizabeth M. Johnson Avatar

    Am I missing when these calls take place? And, if we cannot make a call, are they recorded or able to be accessed in some other way?

  2. Anonymous (via email) Avatar
    Anonymous (via email)

    stop whining? leave this page? wow, quite the positive vibe sales approach. does it work. leaves me dead in the water…. one lost sale…

  3. Andy Wibbels Avatar
    Andy Wibbels

    Yup. Keeps out the tire-kickers and the newbies.

  4. eSoup Avatar

    Six Figure Blogging–A career for the new millennium?…

    I imagine that in 5 years or so, whenever colleges or high schools have career fairs, that alongside the tables of Army recruiters, accounting firms and computer engineering companies that there will also be a table set up with a…

  5. Lisa Wilder Avatar

    Yup. Perfect example of exactly why you put that line at the top of the page.

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