Six Figure Blogging Discount Ends TONIGHT

Just sent this on the ezine:


Time is running out.

Hopefully you’ve had time to listen to the Six Figure Blogging preview call from last
night – if not, here it is:


You have just a few more hours to take advantage of the early-bird discount
registration for Six Figure Blogging. Our normal registration price is $427. If you grab the course TONIGHT – Thursday, April 3rd, before MIDNIGHT Eastern time
you get a huge discount and pay only $325


I’m not joking about the deadline. This isn’t a ‘oh they just say they’ll take
down the discount to goose sales and it is part of some product launch formula and then they can pretend like their server went down and they’ll keep it open longer due to demand blar blar blar’ – nope – I’m shutting down the discount
at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT eastern. You can’t hack the link, you can’t cache the shopping cart, the discount will be – poof! – gone. Get it now.

Here is what you get:

Six 1-hour calls on Wednesdays

   * April 9 @ 8pm EST
   * April 16 @ 8pm EST
   * April 23 @ 8pm EST
   * April 30 @ 8pm EST
   * May 7 @ 8pm EST
   * May 14 @ 8pm EST

– All calls are recorded if you miss them – listen to them online, on your computer or on your iPod

– Transcripts are provided

– A private, exclusive, members-only learning environment – this isn’t just about learning from Darren and I but about from a peer-group of bloggers focused on the same goals you are

– Complete recordings, transcripts and worksheets from the original run of the course – you could take the entire course TONIGHT with the existing recordings and transcripts and then be completely fired up and ready to rock when it comes  time for each weekly call – we want you to get the most value possible

So again:

  • Exclusive calls with two globally recognized blogging experts… I don’t mean to toot horns here but Darren and I have been profiled in major media all over the world for our expertise in blogging and business – there simply is no other course like this anywhere where you will have this kind of personal access
  • A tested, tried and true curriculum to take you from ‘What?’ to ‘Wow!’
  • A members-only learning environment just for participants of the course
  • Complete recordings and transcripts for the current run of the course as well as the initial pilot run of the course

Um… I don’t know what else to say about the course besides it is CONTENT-RICH. This isn’t just TALKING about blogging and pie-in-the-sky I’ll-attract-it stuff, clap-hands-and-Tinkerbell-gets-an-AdSense-check. This is actionable, immediate and strategic learning to shoot your blogging to the stars.

I hope you’ll join us!

Andy Wibbels
Darren Rowse

p.s. Are you still reading? Time is ticking away my friend.






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