Six Apart Buys LiveJournal

This bubbled up yesterday and I waited until confirmation. I had joked that it would be even more awesome if A9 buys 6A and then they got bought by 3M.
Six Apart, creators of Movable Type and TypePad bought Danga, the company that manages LiveJournal and the associated blogging software. Note the 1000+ comments! (Technorati cloud)
Smartest thing I’m hearing is that this is just a prediction of future events – that all the various ‘life cacheing’ companies will fold into one. Other predictions are hooking the LiveJournal commenting system with Six Apart’s TypeKey to leverage more adoption for that platform. Eventually I figure Meetup and Flickr and all those super-fab little widgets will get snapped up – similar to how all those internet properties got consolidated a couple years ago.
Then there’s the supposed cultural divide between LiveJournal and Six Apart.
Expected snarking from the WordPress crew. And I’m sure all the other blog tools’s communities are doing similar warnings/elations. I think this move will be like when 6A changed their licensing structure and there was a mass migration to the existing GPL products. This can only help the open source products (granted, LJ is built on GPL software).
Gotta read Anil’s (6A employee/innovator) smackdown on a Metafilter sniper. Jay Allen did a similar one in the same thread.






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