Sit, type!

On the Blogs & Bloggers network over on Ryze, Marla Stout shared with us the delightful Life is Ruff blog of her dog Kegan. I felt I had to share this and trust that Kegan’s charm will be appreciated more widely.
Then I found that while I’d been doing other things, the phenomenon of ‘dog blogging’ had crept up. I had to find out more! By googling on ‘dog blog’ I found the entertaining Dog Blog site – well, it was entertaining for me, don’t know how a dog might find it – of III Nana, pet dog of Lulu, who apparently fronts the voodoolulu group. There is a quite interesting post there from August last year which provides some references to dog blogs.
I have known some quite interesting dogs, but I think I would find it a challenge to maintain for any length of time the conceit of writing as if I were a dog. Then again, I’m not currently connected to any particular canine. Anyhow, my becoming aware of this particular field of blogging naturally brought to mind an old favorite, the wonderful Peter Steiner cartoon in the New Yorker in 1995 – ‘On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog’.
Incidentally, and to maintain strict triviality rules here, in one of the items I read, this dog blogging phenomenon was referred to as ‘blawging’ (as in ‘dawg blog’, I imagine), but a quick search on Google confirmed that the terms ‘blawg’ and ‘blawging’ have been well and truly claimed for blogs about the law or by lawyers: more about this at Blawg .






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