Season Pass! 3 teleseminars, 3 self-study courses, 2 books for 50% OFF

I’ve been sitting on this for a few days now and I might just ‘splode.
I’m offering a complete curriculum of blogging courses for one amazing price.
Get instant access to all of my courses for a super-duper deal: 50% OFF. This is the absolute best deal for all of my courses and products.
3 Live Teleseminars (11 calls)
– Business Blog Basics (Jan)
– Easy Bake Weblogs (Feb)
– Keywords Essentials (Mar)
Self-Study Courses
– Six Figure Blogging (the only course of its kind)
– RSS Essentials
– Podcasting Bootcamp
2 books
– Learning WordPress: From Wow to Cash Cow (ebook)
– Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging (print, featured in Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Entrepreneur and USA Today)
That’s three live teleseminar series (11 calls) + three self-study courses (hours of audio, pages of transcripts, tons of notes) + 2 books (one an ebook, one in print).
And: lifetime, anytime, anywhere, always-on registration in future runs of these courses. Yup: you can repeat these courses again at any time, from any computer, from anywhere in the world.
Grab it now before the first course starts!






2 responses to “Season Pass! 3 teleseminars, 3 self-study courses, 2 books for 50% OFF”

  1. eSoup Avatar

    HowTo Launch a Comprehensive Online Marketing Plan on a Budget…

    Alright, this is big news for small biz owners who are strapped for cash (I think that’s all of us, right?) but still want (need!) to take our marketing efforts up a notch in 2007. Online marketing consultant (and my…

  2. Geoffrey Sherwood Avatar

    I’m an Air Force intell veteran (Chinese linguist; flew recon missions against mainland China). I now work in international banking in Manhattan, which is, in a nutshell, beau coup boring. Two weeks ago I started an “alternative” political commentary website (not blog), called The Tropaion. I don’t know whether I should blog instead. My primary goal is to gain readership and reputation. Financial success in this endeavor would be nice, too, but is secondary. Are any of your blogging teleseminars, books and self-study courses relevant to my situation? If not, what would you recommend?
    Kind Regards,

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