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Confirmed: formerlyROSIE is really the blog of Rosie O’Donnel.






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  1. RO Avatar

    Dear Rosie,
    I want to thank you for your show that got me through a horrendous pregnancy and some equally post partum baby blues. You helped me laugh when I was having trouble functioning on some days. I’d like you to talk about Tom’s recent comments about Brooke Shiled’s book and post partum depression. I cannot tell you how mad his comments made me. He has a lot of nerve talking about something so critically he knows nothing about or has never experienced. While I’ll give him his right to opine…. he participated in degrading another person. Yuck.
    Ro Jensen

  2. maureen Avatar

    all the best to you, I hope you can put the pain behind you. maureen k.

  3. m. kassof Avatar
    m. kassof

    all the best to you, I hope you can put the pain behind you and move on with your next creative endeavor

  4. Helene Avatar

    you sure made that elizabeth look like a fool! you keep up the good work!
    you are a rareity in the t.v. world and the networks should realize that fact.
    you go girl.
    i wish you all the best in all your endeavors.

  5. cindy Avatar

    i think you have a big fat mouth and i am glad you are off the think you know are rude and should stay home and take care of your family,maybe even be a worker at a horse farm,shoveling shit.while standing on your fat head for depression

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