Report from the Pajamas Media Launch Party

Photojournalist and writer Jim Lowney attended the swanky launch party for Pajamas Media – no Open Source Media – no Pajamas Media. Tidbits:

The September 11 attacks quickly became the meat of the conversation. But these nice folks didn’t mention the horror or death or the survivors or the wounding of a city or brave firefighters or fatherless children. The talk went straight to the media coverage. Why did “theyâ€? stop showing certain pictures from that day, another asked. A mainstream media conspiracy was afoot, it seemed to them. It was clear to me that none of them have ever worked in the news business.

I asked the Boston guy if he was a blogger. “I’m thinking about it,â€? he said. “What would you blog about if you had a blog,â€? I then asked. “It’s clear in my mind but I can’t put it into words,â€? he said after an incredibly long pause.

“You are of the second millennium,â€? Boston guy spat at me, in French no less. “Excuse me, but you don’t know anything about me.â€? “I can tell by your reactions.â€? “You are presumptuous and insulting,â€? I replied. He didn’t care. I did not get it or agree with his gospel, as far as he was concerned, so I was ignorant. The New York Times and the mainstream media are both evil.

Ah heck – just go read the whole thing…






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