Reminder: Tonight’s 30h30d Call

30 Hours, 30 Days: Getting More Done by Focusing on Less
Today (Thursday) @ 7pm ET
Dial-in Number: 1-712-432-2323
Access Code: 552451
Here’s the PDF:






One response to “Reminder: Tonight’s 30h30d Call”

  1. Suzanne Holman Avatar

    Andy, your call was great and I love your concept!
    As an Exuberant Productivity coach, I am constantly looking for and creating new ways to keep energy and passion high for having full engagement in what we do.
    This is a new one for me and I’m pumped about trying it out myself.
    I’m amazed at how you keep enriching my life with various projects you’re pursuing: audio, web design, blogging, and now productivity!!!
    You rock, Andy….as you often say to everyone else!
    BTW, I am thrilled to say that my Exuberant Productivity blog is on White’s Personal Productivity Required Reading List: 100 Kick-butt Lifehacking Blogs.
    Thanks for all you’ve done to get me to this place!!
    Suzanne in Phoenix

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