Product Review: 90 Day Product Factory

Executive summary: It is awesome. I loved it. You have to do it. Do it!

If you travel the coaching circles, I bet you are worn out hearing about the 90 Day Product Factory.
Too bad. I’ve gotta recommend it.
There’s some folks that I automatically jump into their programs, just because it is them. I call these my ‘professional crushes.’ Mitch Meyerson and Michael Port are two such folks.
Mitch and Michael announced this ninety-day ‘create your signature product’ thing four months ago. And since I’m in love with these two guys (and not in a weird way), I signed up before I even finished the sales copy.
Do you have a terrible habit of having great ideas, starting creation and then not going that extra mile to get your stuff out into the world? Me too (I think it is a perfectionism thing). I wanted to break that habit once and for all and decided being accountable to a group of people was the way to do it. Sometimes our dreams need tough love, right?
I thought the program would be pretty good… weekly calls… lots of PDFs and PowerPoint slides… yay-yay, rah-rah… Let’s all touch our inner infopreneurs and feel the burn.
It wasn’t like that at all.
It was ten fifty a gazillion times better.
Not only did I get weekly call-ins with Mitch and Michael, I got:
12 extensive and comprehensive lessons to take me from notion to promotion. No matter where anyone was in their product development process, these 12 lessons offered the juice they needed to graduate to the next step.
A massive network of over one hundred people ready and willing to bounce ideas off of, proofread, cheerlead and share resources. I have a habit of working solo which is great, until burn-out sets in. Every Friday, we dared eachother to complete big stuff over the weekend. Sure enough, every Monday, we showed up with checklists checked off.
Weekly calls with a smaller group led by the ultra-amazing Bea Fields (can I love this woman even more each month that I know her?). I thought the calls would be pretty dorky but they were just what I needed to carry me through the week to take action and get things done. It is like American Idol, the suspense of hearing how everybody’s products is going is overwhelming!
A huge collection of resources, recommendations and vendors to help me in everything from producing CDs, ebooks and printmedia, to the places to find virtual assistants and copywriters. I had to stop thinking that my production needs were all that special – many have done what I’ve been trying to do – I just need to ask their advice.
I’ll stop the bullets now. What I have to say is pretty simple.
You need to do this program.
I’m not kidding you. It is that good. I came in thinking Oh this’ll be a good way to help me complete my blogging book. and came out Holy cannoli! Everybody needs this stuff!
But my final point of promotion comes from Mitch and Michael themselves. We had our final call last week to celebrate a ton of completed projects (yours truly won the award for Best Packaging!). Not only was it a teleclass call with a webcam, it was a gala event: (that’s Michael above, Mitch below)

That is what totally sealed the deal for me.
This sense of humour and creativity – to dress up in tuxes for a teleclass shows just how much this whole thing can be. And then they started dancing:

That’s true heart. You don’t get that in every teleclass or e-whatever online.
So yes, I am fully recommending the 90 Day Product Factory. You need to check this stuff out.
Mitch and Michael are having a free call-in next week:

6 Secrets to Creating Your Signature Product in 90 days (Or Less!)

The call is on Monday the 14th @ 4 PM EST. Click here to sign up for the free call.
Call’s done – go here for more info.
And yes, that is an affiliate link. If that gives you the heebie-jeebies then just go to






2 responses to “Product Review: 90 Day Product Factory”

  1. Cheryl Miller Avatar

    I totally agree with Andy. The Product Factory not only helps you produce a product, it has the ability to transform YOU! And evolve you. This is no exaggeration.
    For people who really get in there and work with all of the pieces offered in the PF environment, they gotta come out changed on the other end. And that’s a good thing.
    If you’re tired of being the lone ranger in product development, you’ll even have the opportunity to find people you want to produce with. Very attractive partnerships are easy to find amongst the really talented participants. My professional network has expanded 10 fold from this association and that’s a big deal.
    And I ditto everything Andy has said about Mitch Meyerson, Michael Port, and Bea Fields. I have a professional crush on them too. Cheryl

  2. Cheryl Miller Avatar

    I can’t believe I forgot to say that I have a professional crush on Andy too. Such awesome things he’s doing. Cheryl

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