Problogger Confidential Starts Next Week

Heads up:

I’m launching a new series next week:

One Expert, Each Month

Once a month we meet one of the top minds in problogging and grill them on what is really working right now.

Interview, Then Mastermind

And sure you’ll leave the Interview Call with a brain bubbling full of possibilities and ideas. But so often, people stop there and don’t take action. That’s why 2 weeks later, you and I have a Mastermind Call to talk about what we learned and how to put that learning into practice immediately in our blogs.

All Calls Are Recorded and Archived

All calls are recorded and you’ll have instant access to the audio recordings soon after each call.

I hope you’ll join me for these fantastic calls! Full course info and registration.






2 responses to “Problogger Confidential Starts Next Week”

  1. Sharon Sarmiento Avatar

    I’m so excited about this–this is a great idea Andy!
    There are some really successful probloggers out there, and all of them seem to make money in different ways. I don’t know of anyone who has ever done a series like this—I can’t wait to learn their secrets!

  2. Lyle Lachmuth - The Unsticking Coach Avatar

    The follow up Mastermind is a great idea!
    All the best with this Maestro.

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