Pownce’s Most Valuable Asset

I’m no big Powncer yet. I just don’t get why it is so damned amazing. I still don’t get why I should drop it for Skype or Adium connecting to my AOL, Y!, MSN and GTalk accounts (I’ve got Twitter pushed through the GTalk alias). I understand that from a geek perspective is uses the Adobe AIR platform and I grok why that is different and special but that really doesn’t mean bullocks to real consumers. BUT…
Pownce now has a map of the influence of hundreds of early adopters in their grubby little hands. Since they can track invitations, they can see their real buzz builders and whom they influence.
How long before influentials are being paid to broadcast links over Pownce?






2 responses to “Pownce’s Most Valuable Asset”

  1. Paul Chaney Avatar

    I’ll let ’em pay me to broadcast to all of my 13 friends!
    Seriously, good points all-around. In terms of the best “presence” app, Pownce has more to offer than Twitter IMO, but Twitter was there first and that means a lot.
    Of course, I’m wondering if any of it means much of anything anyway. It probably does. I’m just not smart enough (think Geico caveman) to get it.

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