Podcasts are a-Happenin’!

Reuters reports that more than 6 million people , Twenty-nine percent of U.S. adults who own MP3 players like Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod have tried at least one podcast.
“Nearly half of digital-music player owners younger than 29 have tried out podcasts, the survey found, compared with 20 percent of those 29 or older. The podcasts were equally popular among men and women.”
Good to know when target marketing to the younger crowd, ey?
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3 responses to “Podcasts are a-Happenin’!”

  1. Andy Avatar

    Heh heh – either I’m in your head, or you’re in mine!

  2. Matt Avatar

    whoops. you beat me… want me to remove my entry?

  3. Andy Avatar

    Nah, no big schmeal!

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