Podcast Tips

MarketingSherpa interviews podcaster David Lawrence. He boils up some quick tips:

  1. Keep it short.
  2. Don’t be cute.
  3. Get training.

I got one more:

  1. Don’t talk about podcasting.

Too many podcasts talk about podcasting instead of actual niched content. But then again I’m blogging this on a blog about blogs.






4 responses to “Podcast Tips”

  1. MacStansbury Avatar

    As a begging, no, beginning podcaster, I can tell you that it’s tough enough trying to sound interesting for 15 minutes, let alone 30 or 60.
    maybe it’s because I’m trying to make you laugh for the entire time, but I’d be amazed if anybody can sound all that interesting for more that a few minutes. I guess there’s a reason why some people are in radio and some people fix actuality tables for mortgages.

  2. alienform Avatar

    I was wondering how long should a podcast be?
    that is if you are planning to create show notes should you read off of the actual notes!
    or just speak naturaly on the subject.
    Thank you

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