Plagiarism Watch

Every once in awhile I type parts of my definition of blogging into Google and see where it pops up – plagiarized or not attributed at all.
Affiliate Sphere
Computer News and Jokes (emailed)
Greenview Online (emailed)






3 responses to “Plagiarism Watch”

  1. Tara Alexandra Avatar

    Wow, I thought I was reading your blogging e-book, that I was transported to some parallel universe. This is really sad. How difficult is it to ask your permission and properly attribute. Looks like someone took more than your definition of blogging … looked like half the book. Hmm … bad karma brewing here. Shame on them.

  2. Maryam Webster Avatar

    Gee whiz Andy, I just check Affiliate Sphere and that’s just wrong, wrong, wrong! Is there any percentage in notifying their ISP of plagiarism? I know my stuff’s been plagiarized to heck and back all over the place since the mid-90’s. Lost count. The worst were the freebie servers. Tripod had a seven step process for reporting such stuff, (including the kinds of capitalizations and line-spacing they wanted in their requests – yeesh!) that pretty much insured that their plagiarists remained untouched. What’s the lowdown on catching these weasels and making them stop?

  3. Yvonne DiVita Avatar

    Hey Andy, I used your definition in a presentation locally. But I gave you full credit. I used your URL and I showed off your great blog! I think your definition is one of the best around. And, it gives me a chance to show a blog tool that’s comparable to Typepad. Hope it’s okay to quote you in a presentation. I’ll put up your pic, if you like. 🙂

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