Perfumed Love Letters Get Bloggers’ Attention

Long-time blogger Darren Barefoot wanted to promote his new book he’s co-authoring on social marketing.

Barefoot postal mailed love letters to the authors of 10 major marketing blogs — complete with perfumed paper and handwritten praise. The letters directed each blogger to a personalized landing page featuring a personalized video describing the book and a link to a review copy.

How they did it:

  1. Use metrics tools (Google, Technorati, etc) to compile target list.
  2. Read the blogs (so you don’t look like a chump reaching out to them out of the blue).
  3. Break the list into tiers (by popularity/influence).
  4. Target each tier differently.
  5. Publicize that you are doing this strategy (like sending it to MarketingSherpa 🙂 ).

Complete summary and examples of creative right here (does anybody else outside the ad industry get sorta skeezed out at calling things ‘creative’? For some reason it kinda grosses me out).






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  1. Jewel Avatar

    I will just follow you footstep and get there as well.

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