Perfecting Your Blogging Workflow

From a former TechCrunch blogger – how he managed to stay up to date and on top of an entire industry: Open Sourcing My TechCrunch Work Flow. Nugget:

The single most helpful tool for me in my efforts to blog about news events first has been an RSS to IM/SMS notification tool. I use Zaptxt to subscribe to very high priority feeds. It sends me an IM and SMS whenever a high-profile company blog is updated and in a number of other circomstances. There are quite a few services that offer this functionality now and it’s invaluable. A big part of taking a prominent position in the blogosphere is writing first on a topic. That’s a large part of what got me the job at TechCrunch and it’s something that an increasing number of people are clearly trying to do.






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  1. Luis Alberto Barandiaran Avatar

    This guy really knows his stuff! I think his tips are invaluable not only to someone who wants to be “on top” of things, but also for someone like me, an average reader so to organize my online life activities… good stuff!

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