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Another fun success story:

I am very ‘untech’ and owned the book for months without finishing it. I decided that the way for me to get through and have a functioning blog was to read 5 or so pages, highlighting what I wanted to do, and the ‘how to’s’, and sit with the book open at the computer and JUST DO IT.
I wanted to be sure to have links back to my web-site and a Staples person wrote out the href code for me. I sat down, plugged it in, submitted, opened it, clicked and WAAAAALAAAAAA, it worked. I jumped up and down, screamed and after getting some substance done I e-mailed my daughter that is an IT person, and my grand-daughter who is a teacher and working on her masters. Other people too.
Man I just jumped when I got e-mails back from both of them saying how kewl it was that I, of all people, had done this by myself. So at 63 I can still learn some new tricks.
This success emboldened me to implement Google Checkout for my business. I am working on the buttons for every item (over 200 of my own creation). When I set up the first ones, I sent them to my web designer. She tried to do them herself (and she is a full blown html coder) and when she couldn’t, I worked her through it on the phone. YIPEE TY AYE for me.
Now I am working on links as an Amazon associate for the books, songs and videos that I have in my blog.
Like everything about the book and you Andy .except you are a cat-person apparently. Cocker Spaniels rule.
F.O.G. Fast-ornery-Grandpa Marty







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