Oprah Clarifies The Secret

From Oprah’s site after a woman decides to dump her cancer treatment:

“The medical community, as we know, have been able to perform what some people call miracles,” Oprah says. “And while you’re taking advantage of that, think as positively [as you can]. Think about attracting healing to yourself, think about the goodness that the healing will bring to yourself.”

So is medicine science or a miracle or magic? Again, we’re mixing these all together.

“But we do have choices, and I’m making a choice. And in six months’ time, I am believing that the cancer will be gone—and if it is not, it has shrunk so much that I can have a lumpectomy not a partial radical mastectomy,” Kim says. “It’s about holding onto my right for choice.”

Really a re-frame more than anything.

“What I believe about the law of attraction, I want to clarify it,” Oprah says. “I want to say it’s a tool. It is not the answer to everything. It is not the answer to atrocities or every tragedy. It is just one law. Not the only law. And certainly, certainly, certainly not a get-rich-quick scheme. The law of attraction is a tool that can help you decide what you want your life to be, and then begin to help you focus on making the best choices through action to create that life.”

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2 responses to “Oprah Clarifies The Secret”

  1. Marcella Avatar

    Hi Andy,
    I agree with you that law of attraction is totally not the way of getting rich quickly.
    I have watch the DVD of the secret. Now it’s influence my life to achieve my goal.

  2. Becca Avatar

    Thanks for the useful negativity. It makes me smile.
    You’ve spurred me on- I’ve posted about it over at http://beccacolao.typepad.com/beccacolao/2007/05/negative_thinki.html

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