Online Reminder Services: Forget Forgetting Forever

Technology has made it possible for us to do more things – to get more done. And now that we’ve managed to cram in to one day what used to take us three or four, our next challenge is remembering all the things we need to do.
Over the years we’ve used all sorts of systems – from Day Runners to Day Timers. And who can forget the popular paper and electronic planning systems from Franklin Covey? I went through quite a few of those in my corporate days.
And then we had the advent of the PDA. Next, we took that a step further and created a fully integrated system complete with phone, internet access and all the planning capabilities we could possibly ever need right at our finger tips – enter the Blackberry and other “life-in-a-box” products.
Yay! More stuff to do and more stuff to manage it with. Not to worry. In the past couple of years, we have witnessed a multitude of free- and fee-based online reminder systems popping up. Our friends over at Mashable (and what a wonderful resource site it is) have compiled yet another incredible list of “let’s-never-forget” systems that can suit virtually anyone.
Just this morning, I happened to come across another reminder tool (via Gina Trapani at Life Hacker) that isn’t on this list — Sandy — a virtual receptionist of sorts. It’s worth checking out.
This system is especially convenient if you work with multiple clients or on multiple projects. You can quickly write reminders and code them to specific events, people, and projects with some easy-to-remember scripts – all by writing this information in the subject line of an email that you send to a specific email address.
There’s no need to login to the actual site itself unless you want to see all of your reminders – just in case you want to copy those items to another calendar system that you use on a regular basis.
Take some time to check out some of these handy reminder services. If you’re using a service that you really love, let us know which one and why you like it so much.






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