Nobody Knows What a Blog Is – And That Doesn’t Really Matter

Executive Summary: No one has to know it is a blog if your content is compelling.
Jack writes in:

How do you begin to educate a group of people who don’t know what a blog is or even the purpose of a blog?

It’s true. Research has shown that most folks don’t know (and don’t care) what a blog is. I think that the point is moot. You can simply tell clients that a blog is a ‘frequently updated website’.
Yes, to us that are writing the blogs, the definition and implications of blogging are very improtant. I vote that it doesn’t matter if folks know what they’re reading is a blog or not – if the content is compelling they’ll read it.
I’ll point to the oft-mentioned ACCABuzz blog, the news site for Air Conditioning Contractors of America. Their readers just want the information they need in a timely, easy to find format. They call their blog a ‘newsletter on steroids.’

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