No Holds Barred

(last Friday, via instant messenger)
Andrea: do you know what you want at all? i mean aside from ‘easy, quick and lots of money?’
Andy: the gabrillion dollar question
Andrea: mmhmm
Andy: I’d love to be abel to use all this tech for social change. yadda
Andrea: you know. there is something there. totally. i’d suggest maybe at least one hour of dreaming in that direction 😉
Andy: yeah. big-ass goal: develop 3 million member ezine + podcast + blog and then run for senate 🙂 – Andy and Ron in the White House by 2030
Andrea: 🙂
Andy: Gotta get back to my ‘creative instigator’ stance
Andrea: you know what i mean when i say you MUST have somethin to say.
Andrea: here’s a wild thought. what if. what would happen if. your personal blog and your professional blog. had sex and had a baby. 😉
Andy: I know – I know – I know – I know
Andrea: okay
Andy: it is inevitable isn’t it. it is my destiny
Andrea: i think it is.
Andy: hee hee
(the next day)
Andy: You’ve been ricocheting in my head all day 😉 I worry about turning off my audience by moving into more advocacy type stuff and being truly politically honest.
Andrea: yep
Andy: BUT at the same time my entire brand is instant global selfexpression and being super-creative about it

Andrea: yep
Andy: and everybody always says they like how I tell it like it is
Andrea: yeah. i think the question is: how can it be done where the act of self expressing is honored versus getting all tangled in the ‘content’ of that expression – or rather – both happen. ‘oh, andy stands for that opinion, i disagree’ AND
Andrea: ‘oh, andy stands for everyone’s opinion, that i agree with.’
Andy: AND Andy can show me how I can get my opinion out there
Andrea: yes
Andy: hmm… a conundrum. as always – everything seems to collapse into a simpler shape
Andrea: i was JUST thinking that same exact thing. everything collapses into a core of integrity
Andy: yes. I have to stop hiding to be polite. Or stop separating.
Andrea: the other thing is – take it all the way right? so…hypothetically you go for it and piss people off. who would you piss off and how badly and is that a-okay with you?
Andy: right – but I think I have to trust that peopel will see the underlying hope/heart under my stuff that my friends/colleauges see
Andrea: i truly believe that won’t be an issue
Andy: plus I can reconsider my marketing strategies into this context too and I’m guessing they totally fit
Andrea: i see it too. i see more traffic. more referrals. more viral. more sales. ‘finally, we get all of andy’ okay well not ALL of andy but you know. you can do a ‘andy’s secret’ ‘ive been holding back on you’
Andy: okay I’m gonna sleep on this. let it tumble aroudn
Andrea: yep
Andy: thnx again my dear .good night!
Andrea: 🙂
Andrea: night!






2 responses to “No Holds Barred”

  1. Sharon Sarmiento Avatar

    I’m with Andrea–I want to see the no holds barred Andy!
    Really, what is the worst that could happen? That you’ll say stuff that gets people riled up and excited? God forbid! 😉
    It is inevitable. For God’s sake, you’re a blogger, and bloggers don’t care about the pre-conceived rules.
    Bloggers are the bad-asses, rock stars, and astonauts of the internet.
    I hereby order you to pump up the snark factor and tear up some virtual hotel rooms! 🙂

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