Nick Cernis on Online Business Models

Great essay from Nick Cernis about the end of free content.

The reality is this: while many people are building profitable businesses by leveraging their content, hardly anyone is profiting directly from the content itself. To me, that’s a real shame. More importantly than that, though:
Traditional online business models force a conflict of interest: they must accommodate advertisers and spin-off product offers whilst attracting visitors who care about neither.
If you don’t think that building a business around your output instead of with it is odd, stop and think for a second. If you go to Apple’s site today, they’ll sell you a Mac. If you visit John Varvatos, they’ll sell you a suit. If you go to Hotel Chocolat, they’ll sell you their fancy choices. Then visit The Guardian, who’ll happily give you all their output for free and then try to flog you to buy a solar powered torch.

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