Newsweek Strokes the A-List

I hate the term ‘A-List Bloggers’ – it makes me think of high school cliques and a caste system. A democratizing media will have clouds and clusters but ‘power brokers’? Of course I probably wouldn’t hate it if I was one of the A-listers. I didn’t get in on the ground floor – and don’t have the wherewithal to read that many blogs a day… I’d rather be an A-list blogger in my own industry instead of just in the blogosphere in general. I don’t think I’ve heard anybody refer to themselves as an A-List Blogger in a very long time.

a geek hit parade of power brokers who zing arrows and shape opinions while quaffing lattes and using the Starbucks Wi-Fi

Why don’t they just add ‘tree-hugging, Howard-Dean-reminiscing, hybrid-engine champions’ while they’re at it? Power brokers are too busy brokering power to take time and write all about it.






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  1. Hans Henrik H. Heming Avatar

    I agree with you – the term “A-listâ€? is not very use-full. Maybe it’s because we are not mentioned 🙂
    If categorising bloggers how should/Could it be done?
    Best Regards
    Hans Henrik

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