News Dump

Whew! I have so been out of the blogging loop lately. Polishing the ebook, traveling, planning life post-dayjob… here’s the braindump:
AskJeeves Buys Bloglines
Podcasting goes through the roof.

Google blows my mind with Google Maps
(don’t forget Google Video and Suggest too!).
Yahoo Toolbar for Firefox on the way (Sunbird hits .2).
Rick (the PDA Pro) posted a great shout out about me on Buzzmachine.
Exeem puts Bittorrent and Kazaa in one MPAA/RIAA scaring machine.
You can fit a Windows PC inside the case of a Mac Mini.
Jakob reviews his usability guidelines.
Clip N Seal featured in Fast Co for using blogs in marketing.
Scoble’s keynote from the Blog Biz Summit.
Adding GoogleAdsense to Blogger Blogs.
List of blog marketing blogs.
I totally missed the Business Blog Awards.
Tivo Deathwatch begins.
Why Craiglist works.
Lee on comment threading in blogs.
Dan on newspaper archives.
Tom Peters’ Read This.
I need to look closer at JournURL.
Visualizing a Personal Learning Space.
5 Best KM Discussions. 5 Best KM Papers.
43 Things is an Amazon skunkworks.
Instant feeds with Rapifeeds.
Liability of fake blogs.
Another list of biz blogs.
Blogger fired, world continues to spin.
Pac Man must die.
Cooperation and Social Spillover.
The Real Benefits of Blogs.






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