MySpace Will Eat Your Babies

Jeremy knows how to write a post! He does a great version of the ‘It’s coming right for us!’ panic post with a warning about social networking site MySpace. He contends that since MySpace has more posts than blogging and will surpass the size of the blogosphere that it is something to be scared of.
True, MySpace is a great example of an extensive network of folks that has grown exponentially over the past few years.
I just can’t get past the butt-ugly templates.
Good God they are NASTY and UGLEE. Like Appalachian inbred ugly. Like ‘Did you fall down on your face when you were three?’ ugly. Yick. Like early GeoCities ugly.
I got a MySpace account in an effort to find some old chums from high school but I’ve been very nonplussed about the whole thing. For me, it is just one more damned thing to login to and check messages for. For me, the whole thing is one big annoyance.
Jeremy continues:

What is the impact on humanity if MySpace becomes intrinsically tied to the identity of an entire generation? Yeah, MySpace scares me.

He does make a great contention that MySpace might have it’s own culture and might exert that cultural pressure into other groups. But is it a unified group or just a bunch of horny voyeurs? Couldn’t the vast homosexual agenda buried in the dating profiles of be just as threatening (hardly). I’m not knocking voyeurism: amateur porn is what powered AOL, Flickr and the net in general. God knows LinkedIn ain’t got any eye candy.

When we eventually have 100M people (primarily 10-25) on MySpace, how does their culture affect other ‘cultures’ outside of MySpace? When there are that many people, will MySpace’ers begin being elite?

How can something open to everyone and freely joinable and friend-able become elite? I really doubt the upper-class or the Carlyle Group have anything to worry about.
I don’t think MySpace is a threat to anything. His post cracks me up because it is like he’s this old fogie stomping out with his walker screaming You kids git off mah frunt porch!






3 responses to “MySpace Will Eat Your Babies”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Those of us who happen to be Appalachian-Americans are terribly put off by your remarks.
    Apologize now or we’ll be forced to link back to you, write posts about you and generally spread your name around the internet and make you scads of moolah and hope that it ruins your very existence !
    A Former Harlan County Hick

  2. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    One side of my family is from a town in the mountains called Gravel Switch, Kentucky. 😉

  3. Joe Taylor Jr. Avatar

    What’s interesting is that I was freelancing for AOL from ’97-’99 when folks were asking the same things about AOL profiles and IM — and we know how THAT world domination ploy worked out.

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