MySpace Exposes Young Girl To Stuff Her Mom Doesn’t Like

I told you a few days ago: MySpace Will Eat Your Babies.
Remember playing Dungeons and Dragons and how it had all this occult stuff and some parents groups went crazy that it was promoting satanism and violence? And then came along video games? And heavy metal?
A Greensboro, North Carolina (USA) parent was mortified that her kids could be on MySpace and be exposed to unsavory things like ‘lot of pornography, Goth stuff, linking to voodooism, witchcraft, dark suicidal stuff.’
First let’s get the obvious out of the way and say that pornography and ‘Goth stuff’ are very different types of media.
There’d been a workshop at local schools about how easily kids can gain access to these sites – and lie about their ages. It is great the parents are taking an interest in their kids internet usage – and trying to get savvy about it – but the entire internet isn’t going to simply change it’s structure because kids are on it.
Some company needs to make a simple key-activated function that can open and shut a router. And not a keypad, not an encryption key – a physical key and physical lock that requires no training to implement to open and close a house’s internet access.
I can’t wait to deny my kids internet access for sloppy rooms or other infractions.






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