Music Industry’s Hate/Love Relationship with Blogs

I really do get a kick out of the recording industry’s self-flagellation and draconian tactics to lock down music encryption on any playable device. The tone of this article tries to put peer-to-peer filesharing and blogging on equal footing.

In the business of buzz building, blogs are seen as a valuable viral marketing tool for labels looking to hype new acts. But many of the same Web sites are developing into the next possible headache for copyright owners. That’s because the individuals behind many blogs are using their sites to plug new music from under-the-radar acts, while hosting and distributing unlicensed MP3 files.

Again, the big story is that since anyone anywhere can publish anything good (or bad) about your products – you better court the consumers and tastemakers. And if your music stinks – the world will just find out faster.






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