Movable Type Error ‘Can’t Locate Mt/’ and run-periodic-tasks

Spent a few hours yesterday trying to get future publishing to work on my MT blog. Kept getting an error message:

Can’t locate MT/ in @INC and then a whole lot of other stuff…

After some searching in the forums I found this thread:

If you run mt-check.cgi and
notice that your current working directory and your MT home directory
(second and third line from the top of the report) are DIFFERENT,
you’ll most probably have this issue. To solve it, manually add the FULL location of the MT plugin lib in the run-periodic-tasks file.

So I opened up run-periodic-tasks and looked for this line:

use lib ‘lib’, ‘/lib’;

and substituted in the full path (this will be different depending on your hosting setup)

use lib ‘lib’, ‘/home/12345/domains/’;

Then I setup the script to run as a cronjob every 30 minutes and now it works!






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