Most Obvious Blog Titles

I’m usually ranting one way or another on the need to be obvious and that since people take milliseconds to view your blog that the less clever the better. Here are my current favorite blog titles:

  1. E Coli Blog – a long-time favorite, a blog by a lawyer who specializes in foodborne illness and litigation
  2. Escape from Cubicle Nation – again a long-time favorite, everybody loves Pamela’s take on clawing your way out of the Beast
  3. Angry Black Bitch – Blog on news and politics from a African-American and woman’s perspective. Close second: Angry Asian Man.

I usually waffle back and forth if I really should have moved from the Easy Bake Weblogs brand directly to or just put it all on  – I dunno. I wrestle with that. But what consultant actually takes his own advice?

What are your favorite blog OBVIOUS blog titles?






4 responses to “Most Obvious Blog Titles”

  1. Cathy Chatfield-Taylor Avatar

    I’m partial to Living World Photography
    ( a photo blog for field guide publishers and nature magazines. (Full disclosure: The photographer/blogger is my kid…).
    I think you made the right move to when you achieved national acclaim as an expert blogger. But you still have all the URLs for lead generation…best of all worlds.

  2. Lyle Lachmuth - The Unsticking Coach Avatar

    I DO Like CoachaMatic!
    But, then I always have.

  3. Lisa Braithwaite Avatar

    I like the very obvious titles “Escape Adulthood” ( and “Dave Paradi’s PowerPoint Blog” ( Pretty straightforward!

  4. Becca Avatar

    well, that’s Cute Overload, of course.
    I can’t figure out my own blog title, either– hyperthink? just my name?

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