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From the Really Simple Syndication blog:

If you’re not willing to have ads in your RSS feed are you going to be willing to pay for the content you get? If not , how will the writers get paid? (and don’t give me that nonsense about writers don’t need to get paid because for some of us writing is our trade–not scripting).






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  1. Ken Avatar

    It’s amazing to me how many people are unwilling to help support bloggers as if it’s their right to get information that we provide.
    We pay lawyers/doctors/consultants for information, what’s so different about blogs? I’m a professional photographer, yet when I try to sell my work, people say, well, WalMart charges 29 cents for a print not recognizing that it’s not the physical print they are paying for but everything else that went into it.
    Same with blogging, you are paying for the content, research and everything that goes with it. It’s a package.

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